Mobile App Ideas to Make Money

In this rapidly growing digital world, if you are willing to start an online business and looking
for mobile app ideas that can help earn a great sum of money? This blog is for you. Here
you will find a list of trending app ideas that are created based on deep market research and
analysis. The choice is your’s, which category you will select to kickstart your online
business with an unusually innovative, exceptionally advanced, feature-rich mobile app.
Since mobile apps are the only and best-suited medium to take your business into the palm
of billions of smartphone users globally.

But don’t forget to consider the most significant factor of choosing a reputed mobile app
development company with years of experience in the domain. Their experience and
expertise will help you provide a better perspective, and scope of your business app idea
and hand over a sure-to-be-successful app.

Before choosing your mobile app development partner conduct thorough research so that
you end up partnering with the best mobile app development company. Considering your
budget and app time to market.

So, without wasting much of your time. Let’s jump onto the list of…..

Top 10 Trending Mobile App Ideas to Make Money in 2023

Fuel & Gas Delivery App

An on-demand mobile app solution that lets users book fuel & gas requirements at their
desired location. The only thing users need to do is simple registration on the app.
Thereafter they can get the delivery of booked quantity and variety of fuel at the preferred
location. Users get the facility of real-time tracking of their order to get to know where their
fuel delivery executive is and how much time it will take to reach the destination. Besides,
the app provides several user-friendly features as well that make fuel delivery seamless to
the user anytime, anywhere. If you think, fuel & gas delivery will be a great fit for your online
business then what are you waiting for? It is the right time to enter this genre and strengthen
your position.

Have a look at few of most famous fuel & gas delivery apps
● Gaston
● Yoshi
● Booster
● Filld

Cryptocurrency App

Cryptocurrency apps are getting more popular day by day due to their large number of fans
and supporters. These are safe and simple platforms to buy, sell and manage
cryptocurrencies. One can easily use these apps and connect their bank accounts through
Automated Clearing House Network (ACH) or use debit/credit cards to buy crypto on most
exchanges. If you also have such a cryptocurrency app idea to build a crypto exchange
platform, it is a good time to invest and start your online business on cryptocurrencies.

A few of the globally acknowledged cryptocurrency apps.

● Coinbase
● eToro
● Voyager
● Gemini
● BlockFi

Blockchain-Based Apps

Blockchain-based apps have the potential to revolutionize almost every industry. For a better
understanding, let’s talk about a blockchain tax and invoicing app that can easily calculate
the amount of tax, users need to pay on their income. Among other blockchain app ideas,
we can consider the development of gift and loyalty programs app, notary apps, and more.

Some popular blockchain applications examples

● NFT Marketplace
● Cross-border payments
● Music royalties tracking
● Personal identity security
● Supply chain and logistics monitoring

Mobile Wallet App

Also known as digital wallets allow users to make payments without any hassle. No matter
whether they want to use credit/debit cards or bank accounts to pay online using the app.
Mobile wallet apps are highly secure in terms of keeping users’ data safe. Also, they provide
the ease of paying online for a product, making bill payments, transferring money, and
almost everything related to money. From the comfort of home or wherever they are. Using
these fast and highly accessible mobile wallet apps, users can perform online transactions following a few taps on the application. This is also a good option if you are looking to start an online business and want to earn by launching a mobile wallet app.

Here are a few prominent names among mobile wallet apps globally

● Google Pay
● Android Pay
● Alipay
● Cash App
● Due

Food Delivery App

A boon for hungry customers when they didn’t want to cook or go to the restaurant to have a
proper meal. They can simply place an order consisting of their favorite meals and get it
delivered to their doorsteps. However, they have to pay a little extra in the form of delivery
costs or any other additional costs. Still, they agree with it cause they don’t want to lose the
comfort and convenience they enjoy at home. The Pandemic gave a push to the food
delivery industry yet it’s growing rapidly even after. If you want to venture into the food
industry, food delivery app development is a good option.

A few examples of food delivery apps are as follows

● Doordash
● GrubHub
● Zomato
● Ubereats
● Postmates

Healthcare Apps

An online platform that provides the convenience of connecting patients with doctors and
specialist physicians to discuss their health issues. Patients can easily select the preferred
doctor from the provided list considering their budget and scheduled appointments all
through the app. They can share medical reports and other medication details with the
doctor. Eventually, they can make an online payment and get a prescription and advice to
recover from the illness as soon as possible. So you can venture into the healthcare
business as well with the creation of healthcare apps.

Here are some examples of widely accepted healthcare apps

● Teladoc
● MyFitnessPal
● MDacne
● Fitplan
● Generis

Dating App

It is one of the most trending and popular app ideas, as people across the world are using
such dating apps to find friends, soulmates, and the love of their lives. The emergence of
dating apps and their popularity during the pandemic gave the dating industry a spike. Also,
as compared to old-day dating, it is quite cost-effective. Now first people get to know each
other and then make the next move of meeting personally. You can also venture into this
billion-dollar industry with the launch of a user-friendly, feature-rich dating app in the Play
Store and App Store.

Some of the most used dating apps are

● Tinder
● Happen
● Viber
● Badoo
● Lovely

Grocery Delivery App

Grocery delivery app development is one of the most popular mobile app ideas since
COVID-19. The reason being it ensures the delivery of groceries from the nearby
supermarket to the customers’ doorsteps. The grocery delivery app works as a bridge
between the customers and local grocery stores to pick up and deliver the order. It consists
of three different yet significant app panels- shoppers, buyers, and admins.

Most preferred grocery delivery apps include

● Blinkit
● Instacart
● Walmart Grocery
● Amazon Fresh
● Nature’s Basket

Stock Trading App

The best option when it comes to starting an online business. If you have vast knowledge
and experience in stock trading and want to capitalize on it. You can build a stock trading
app that will allow investors on your platform to keep track of how their portfolios are
performing. For such a valuable convenience of their time and money, users always are
ready to pay to use the platform. That simply translates into a huge profit in terms of money
and fame.

Examples of some popular stock trading apps are following

● Robinhood
● Kite@Zerodha
● Ecorns
● Stash
● Fidelity

Alcohol Delivery App

Developing an alcohol delivery app is one of the best mobile app ideas if you own or run a
liquor shop or multiple stores. It will help you provide your customers with an online
eCommerce platform, where they can purchase their favorite drink out of the available range
and get its doorstep delivery. You being an owner can manage the task of delivery by
yourself or employ a third-party delivery service to handle everything. The choice is yours.

Some popular examples of alcohol delivery apps are

● Drizly
● Minibar Delivery
● BottleRover

Wrapping Up

Hope the provided list of trending mobile app ideas will help you commence your online
business in this digital world. You can choose one of them or conduct a vast search for other
mobile app ideas which are doing absolutely great in the market. Still, if you have any
confusion or query regarding the selection of a mobile app idea, you can approach an
experienced mobile app development company. Their mobile app experts will help you make
the right decision depending on the market scope and future of your app idea. Choose
wisely and commence your online business to earn a great sum in 2023.

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