Benefits of Online Tutoring Jobs in India for Teachers

Over the years, to gain additional knowledge, assistance over a subject, students choose tutoring. However, with advancements in technology, online tutoring jobs have become the new normal! 

Online teaching has given more flexibility than ever to both students and teachers. But with that, the touch of personalized or in-person instruction lacks, which may or may not affect the student’s learning ability.

Everything depends upon how a tutor can leverage online job platforms and make the most of their skills. In this guide, we will take you through the Perks and Cons of online tutoring jobs. 

Let us look at the perks and the cons of working as an online tutor. Now whether this is the right professional option for you or not?

The perks of tutoring online

  1. Work from home

One of the biggest perks of switching from traditional classrooms to online was commuting. You don’t have to travel far and far and waste your time commuting. 

The online platform allows you to set up a classroom corner in the comfort of your home. You can teach in your Pyjamas, no more formal dress code. 

  1. Travel and work

Be it travelling to a different state, country or just a stroll in the park. If you wish to take online classes, you can do so from any corner of the world. 

Manage the time with your students and take courses without skipping your travel plans. Teach from a tropical beach or your friend’s house; all it takes is a good internet connection!

  1. No Minimum/ Maximum Work hours

You can set your work hours; it can be 7 hours a day or as low as 1 hour. It is the most considerable flex of an online tutor. 

You are free to schedule a time that suits your needs. Plus, you earn based on the number of hours you spend per session. 

  1. Resourceful Material Online

Now, you can download a relevant PPT from the internet that matches your subject. You don’t have to create new teaching material for every session. 

The Internet is filled with resources and in numerous forms, video, ppt, blogs, articles, news, audio and more. You can teach in several ways to make the session fun, curious and exciting. Share resources with students and keep them engaged too.

  1. No formal Experience

You don’t have to have a teaching background. To become an online tutor, all it takes is subject or language knowledge and confidence. 

No tutoring platform can reject your profile if you don’t have a teaching background. However, if you are a teacher, it is always an added advantage. 

  1. Small/ Individualized Session

The hectic job of handling the whole class of 50+ students is a challenge in itself. Thanks to online tutoring jobs, you teach one student per session; it is that easy. 

Managing a student sounds way too stressful and straightforward! You will be able to offer them personalized teaching and a great approach to earning more per session!

The cons of an online tutoring platform

  1. Relying on the Internet is Stressful

The Internet connection can go wrong at any time. Sometimes it is the power cut to blame, natural calamities affecting the internet speed, or your Internet plan expiring. Sometimes the session can go way too smooth, while occasionally, it buffers a lot.

  1. Platform Legitimacy

Before you say yes to a teaching platform online, could you read their privacy? Policy. To become an online tutor, you have to be sure if it benefits you in the long run. Some companies have stringent cancellation policies, which can be unfavorable for you. 

Also, you can go through T&C to understand what is expected from you as a tutor. Without reading the rules and policies, it may backfire on you later!

  1. Time Zone

Since you get students from across the globe, all have different time zones. So, it might be a challenge to teach students in a world with a highly opposite time zone. 

You may be available for students within your country or closer to your country! 

  1. Not a Fixed Job

If you are looking for a fixed career with a timely salary, online tutoring jobs are not the answer. 

Of course, you can kick-start your career online with teaching, but you get paid hourly.  There are a few things you might miss from the traditional classroom setup. 


If you look at the cons, you will realize those are manageable. With a good internet connection in place, nothing can stop you, and you can become an online tutor. 

Plus, it is an excellent option for a part-time career in teaching and adding revenue sources. So, if you wish to become an online tutor, it is time to make a move and do a little research on the right platform. 

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